“Kansha” by ARCHEMI. (single details + digest)

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ARCHEMI. will release their new single “Kansha” (感謝) in November. You can listen to a sample of each song in the video below!

Single: Kansha (感謝)
Release date: November 9th 2016

Type A (CD+DVD):
1. Kansha (感謝)
2. Bonnou (煩悩)
1. Kansha (感謝) -music video-

Type B (CD):
1. Kansha (感謝)
2. Bonnou (煩悩)
3. Meisou (瞑想)


ARCHEMI.'s new look! (group picture)

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Debut: October 28th 2015

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Vocal: isami
Vocal: isamitemplate-cakeApril 28th
Guitar: noah (のあ)
Guitar: noah (のあ)template-cakeSept 14th
Bass: Yuki (夕紀)
Bass: Yuki (夕紀)template-cakeApril 19th

Member History

  • Vo: isami → Zyn¢X → ARCHEMI.
  • Gt: noah ARCHEMI.
  • Ba: Yuki → Bloody Mary → Ego Immortalize (support) → Lovin’ (support) → Marvelous Maiden (support) → Zodia → Neah →BIOSPHIAARCHEMI.

Former members:

  • Dr. jun → tomodachi → aim maim → ARCHEMI.

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