That Rookie Fiddler…

visual ioner

Probably most known as the super happy violinist in the Japanese jrock band A (エース), Anonymous confederate ensemble!

Born: January 25th.
Blood type: O

Some quotes from an interview:

Question:Could you tell us a little about your two violins? Brand/model etc. What are they key points of each?
Rookie: My two violins have names. “Adam” is a Bohemian violin over a hundred years old that I use mainly for ballads. “Eve” is an electric violin that was made just for me and I use it for the heavier songs.

Question: Was that the strangest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth? Can any of the other members beat that?
Rookie: When I was a child, I once drank bubble blowing solution. (laugh)

Question: Did you have any personal input in the design of your costumes? What are your favorite points of each costume?
Rookie: Showing your thighs…

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