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DOAK is a fairly new band with some really interesting members, so I think that they deserve a separat introduction. If you’re a former fan of UnsraW, Amaranyx or D.I.D., the this might be something for you!

DOAK had their debut on June 14th 2015. Let’s have a closer look at the lineup and don’t forget to check out the band’s profile below!

Vocal: yuuki (勇企)

Previous bands COЯE THE CHILD, UnsraW

Vocal: yuuki (勇企) | DOAK Vocal: yuuki (勇企)

Guitar: satoshi (暁)

Previous bands fizz, retort, Para:noir, D.I.D.

Guitar: satoshi (暁) | DOAK Guitar: satoshi (暁)

Bass: IORI

Previous bands ORGE, Créateur as support

Bass: IORI | DOAK Bass: IORI

Dums: kazuharu (和春)

Previous bands: Sephiro, MiD DERACINE, Amaranyx, PSYCHE-プシュケ-
Current bands: UNLIMITED RULEBOOK as support

Drums: kazuharu (和春) | DOAK Drums: kazuharu (和春)


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Debut: June 14th 2015

 Vocal: yuuki (勇企) | DOAK  Guitar: satoshi (暁) | DOAK  Bass: IORI | DOAK  Drums: kazuharu (和春) | DOAK
Vocal: yuuki (勇企) Guitar: satoshi (暁) Bass: IORI Drums: kazuharu (和春)

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yuuki: B yuuki: Aug 16th
satoshi: B satoshi: Nov 10th

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