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Interview with Gothique Prince Ken of GPKISM

Jrock & the Visual Kei 2.0

GPKISM is a Baroque fusion of electronic and Gothic music. This project, combines the styling of Kiwamu, guitarist and programmer of BLOOD and the romantic-esque atmosphere of Australian born Gothique Prince Ken.

Note: Kiwamu would like me to tell you, although some questions (now edited out) was referring to him, GPKISM is GPK so only he answered the questions.

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Exclusive interview with Australian Visual DJ ‘Gothique Prince Ken (GPK)’.

Kenta Press & Agency

Despite not being Japanese-born, GPK, born in Australia has a very well known career in visual scene worldwide, a Gothic Prince from the South of the World. Along just 6 years of career he has been in touch with important artists from the scene and has toured Europe, America and Japan; now he is living in Australia after starting his career in Tokyo, he is now, able to make a brand new tour in Latinamerica in February 2014.

As a gift for every fan in this place of th world he has given this interview in Exclusive for Kenta Press and Metal Chronicles, check it out! We’re talking about the future releases, personal life, tours and his very interesting thoughts about musical freedom:

Well, before, i just want to say thank you very much Ken! I’m very excited and I know that your fans around the world will be very…

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“lobelia” by MALISEND (Full PV + screenshots + GIFs)

visual ioner

MALISEND released their new maxi single “lobelia” on September 18th!
Please see more details about the single here!

Track: lobelia (ロベリア)

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Debut: 2015

Vocal: yu-ki (悠樹) Guitar: sizuki (紫月) Guitar: hibari (雲雀) Bass: rino (璃乃) Drums: aru (或)
Vocal: yu-ki (悠樹) Guitar: sizuki (紫月) Guitar: hibari (雲雀) Bass: rino (璃乃) Drums: aru (或)

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yu-ki: A yu-ki: Oct 10th
sizuki: B sizuki: Aug 5th
hibari: O hibari: Aug 30th
rino: A rino: March 6th
aru: A aru: Dec 19th

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Rito per eliminare i nemici

Tarocchi e Streghe by PrincessEsmy

Capita a tutti di avere dei nemici, colleghi, compagni di classe, professori, amici falsi e chi più ne ha più ne metta. A questo proposito, vi propongo un rito molto interessante che vi aiuterà ad eliminare il nemico e i guai che  vi arreca.

Ingredienti:un calderone ( o una ciotola)3 candele di colore neroun pezzo di carta pergamenauna pennabasilicofiori di sambuco

SVOLGIMENTO: Situate il calderone tra le due candele nere, mentre la terza candela nera la deporrete di fronte a voi Come a formare un triangolo.. così:

                                             candela nera

candela nera                        calderone                  candela nera

Bruciate un incenso protettivo (es. basilico, mirra, salvia, alloro, rosmarino, ecc.). Procuratevi il nome di chi vi da noia e scrivetelo in un piccolo pezzo di pergamena ( o un foglio normale bianco). Può capitare che non conosciate il nome del vostro nemico, quindi, scrivete nel foglio ” tutti…

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