GPKISM: Sublimis CD Review

Jrock & the Visual Kei 2.0

Sublimis CD Cover

Sublimis is the first CD released by the duo of Australian born GPK and Japanese musician Kiwamu ofBLOOD. To most fans of BLOOD, it might to come learn as a shock that GPK is Australian, despite his slightly Japanese appearance with typical Japanese Visual kei appearance.


  1. Omnia (instrumental)
  2. Synthesis
  3. Metempsykhosis
  4. Immaculatus
  5. Thanatosis
  6. Sublimis
  7. Sanktus (instrumental)

The CD starts off with a slow, methodical sound of a dark, almost EGL flavored orchestra that of Omnia. The flow is an excellent start to set you into the mood of the CD as it progresses and moves into the the more upbeat song of Synthesis. I’m going to say this now, before anything else, if you do not like techno/electronic songs or find techno/electronic repulsive, stop reading this review. The sound of GPKISM is a fused electric and industrial sound to give it that EGL flavor. The sounds of Synthesis are…

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