“Akudoukai-Kusottare Koushinkyoku-” by Gossip (Full PV)

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“Akudoukai-Kusottare Koushinkyoku-” was included in Gossip’s mini album “Demodori Kichiku Psycho Yarou (Saihan)” which was released in March last year. Here is the full PV!
Please see more details about the album here!

"Akudoukai-Kusottare Koushinkyoku-" by Gossip"Akudoukai-Kusottare Koushinkyoku-" by Gossip"Akudoukai-Kusottare Koushinkyoku-" by Gossip

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Gossip (ゴシップ)
-大日本鬼端児組 悪童会に占拠されゴシップ-

Formed: 2014

Vocal: saku (朔) | GossipGuitar: akane (茜) | GossipGuitar: satsuki (皐) | GossipBass: zero (零) | GossipDrums: hayate (颯) | Gossip
Vocal: saku (朔)Guitar: akane (茜)Guitar: satsuki (皐)Bass: zero (零)Drums: hayate (颯)
(Leaves Feb 21st 2014)

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saku: Bakane: Bsatsuki: Ozero: Ohayate:A

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GPKISM: Sublimis CD Review

Jrock & the Visual Kei 2.0

Sublimis CD Cover

Sublimis is the first CD released by the duo of Australian born GPK and Japanese musician Kiwamu ofBLOOD. To most fans of BLOOD, it might to come learn as a shock that GPK is Australian, despite his slightly Japanese appearance with typical Japanese Visual kei appearance.


  1. Omnia (instrumental)
  2. Synthesis
  3. Metempsykhosis
  4. Immaculatus
  5. Thanatosis
  6. Sublimis
  7. Sanktus (instrumental)

The CD starts off with a slow, methodical sound of a dark, almost EGL flavored orchestra that of Omnia. The flow is an excellent start to set you into the mood of the CD as it progresses and moves into the the more upbeat song of Synthesis. I’m going to say this now, before anything else, if you do not like techno/electronic songs or find techno/electronic repulsive, stop reading this review. The sound of GPKISM is a fused electric and industrial sound to give it that EGL flavor. The sounds of Synthesis are…

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Jrock & the Visual Kei 2.0

CD review Image

Orikasanaru Shikkoku no Meikyu ni Kurikaesu Higeki no Rasen (Endless Sprial of Tragedy in a Weaving Black Maze). That is the first one of the album, it is an instrumental, but it sets you up for the feel of the album and adds wonder to what kind of album you’re going to be listening to, especially if you don’t have VENGEANCE for BLOOD #1 due to lack of money. ^^;

The next song is one that I’m used to seeing play and use in the backgrounds of our audio messages a lot, who can blame her? I remember you is one for the records of keepsakes and favorite songs. Fu-ki’s voice is nothing short of beautiful from note to note. Slowly the music begins to follow up and crossfade from silence to gentle beats and fairy-tale like melodies, then it speeds up and the drums come into play. Its the…

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Happy Birthday Shohei!

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Happy Birthday Shohei, bassist of ARLEQUIN!

Shohei, bassist of ARLEQUIN


Band: Arlequin
Formed: 2013(?)


aki (暁) Arlequin

nao (奈緒) Arlequin

kuruto (來堵) Arlequin

Shohei (祥平) Arlequin

tamon (堕門) Arlequin

aki (暁)
nao (奈緒)
kuruto (來堵)
Shohei (祥平)
tamon (堕門)

Arlequin Official Webpage

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Shohei ShoheiShohei: OShohei: May 12th
tamon tamontamon: Atamon: March 5th

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