[SPECIAL] Interview with Victim Mentality, March 2015

Relawan Konser

Who says the 80’s are dead? Not South Korean glam metal band Victim Mentality, for sure. Formed in Seoul by vocalist Krocodile and veteran metal guitarist Kyungho Sohn, the band unabashedly show their love for 80’s glam metal in both music and visual elements. So yes, hence the leopard prints, heavy eyeliners, and glossy lips. Sohn and Krocodile first operated as duo, inviting bassist Scorpion to join them in 2013. They released Magic Fingers, an EP that contains not only the power ballad title-track, but also the catchy Don’t Spit On Me.

Victim Mentality 2

In July 2013, despite not having a drummer and having to rely on drum machine, the trio made their live debut. Only later in February 2014 did they welcome drummer Tarantula to join their fun troop. Not long after that, in May 2014, Victim Mentality played at Seoul’s Green Plugged festival. Next was the Incheon…

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