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[SPECIAL] Interview with EE, February 2015

Relawan Konser

EE is more than a two-piece band. Hailing from Seoul,South Korea, the husband-and-wife duo of Hyun-joon Lee and Yun-joung Lee call themselves a ‘total art performance group’. They create and play music, yes, but their performance is also about visual elements, dance, fashion, and art. Their background explains why this quirky and unique pair took their art stance: Yun-joung used to be the vocalist for Pippi Band, a pioneering act in Korea’s alt-rock scene, back in the mid-1990’s. She has also released some solo albums. Hyun-joon is an installation artist and DJ/producer. They met in late 2007, and in spring 2008 EE was born.


EE released their first CD single, Curiosity Kills, in 2008, and in September that year they held a three-day art exhibition as a celebration. The next year, EE marched on: they played at the World DJ Festival in Soul in May, and released…

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[SPECIAL] Interview with Victim Mentality, March 2015

Relawan Konser

Who says the 80’s are dead? Not South Korean glam metal band Victim Mentality, for sure. Formed in Seoul by vocalist Krocodile and veteran metal guitarist Kyungho Sohn, the band unabashedly show their love for 80’s glam metal in both music and visual elements. So yes, hence the leopard prints, heavy eyeliners, and glossy lips. Sohn and Krocodile first operated as duo, inviting bassist Scorpion to join them in 2013. They released Magic Fingers, an EP that contains not only the power ballad title-track, but also the catchy Don’t Spit On Me.

Victim Mentality 2

In July 2013, despite not having a drummer and having to rely on drum machine, the trio made their live debut. Only later in February 2014 did they welcome drummer Tarantula to join their fun troop. Not long after that, in May 2014, Victim Mentality played at Seoul’s Green Plugged festival. Next was the Incheon…

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NEW BAND: Insanity Injection

visual ioner

Insanity Injection is a brand new band that will hold their first live on February 22nd. If you are curious, head to their live “SLAUGHTER BANQUET” at Osaka BIG CAT.

You probably recognize most members from other bands.

Noise+Voice: Kyoka (狂華)

Birthday: Aug 17th
Blood-type: O
Previous bands: desir (デジール), Despair, autium, Aliene Ma’riage, Cupid, Deflina Ma’riage, Chaos System, DROSERA OBLAAT., Pink-Tribal
Noise+Voice: Kyoka (狂華) | Insanity Injection

Vocal: chaos (ケイオス)

Birthday: April 29th
Blood-type: AB
Current band: glamscure
Previous bands: Pink-Tribal
Vocal: chaos (ケイオス) | Insanity Injection

Guitar: makoto (魔琴)

Birthday: Sept 15th
Blood-type: B
Previous bands: L’amethys, 魅裟~MISSA~, Vardy99, Chaos System, ミサ(MISSA), Buddy, DROSERA OBLAAT., gekijou to jiyuu (激情と自由), Pink-Tribal
Guitar: makoto (魔琴) | Insanity Injection

Guitar: gaga (蛾々)

Birthday: Dec 21st
Blood-type: AB
Previous bands: VELQROW, REECH, edogawa paradox (江戸川パラドクス), LiPS as support
Guitar: gaga (蛾々) | Insanity Injection

Bass: hideaki (秀暁)

Birthday: Jan 19th
Blood-type: B
Previous bands: Pink-Tribal, DAS:VASSER
Bass: hideaki (秀暁) | Insanity Injection

Insanity Injection Insanity Injection

Support Drums: Taji (多時)

See Taji-pages


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Festa di compleanno Minnie e Paperina

IMG_3157 Festa di compleanno – tema Minnie e Paperina

IMG_3168 Scelta l’immagine rappresentativa di Minnie e Paperina si è passati alla personalizzazione della festa per un primo compleanno

IMG_3175 Confetti confezionati a fiocco inseriti all’interno delle borsette di Minnie e di Paperina. Per ogni ospite una bustina con i ringraziamenti della piccola Miriam per portarsi a casa … il ricordo di una bella serata trascorsa in allegria

IMG_3182 Per i piccoli ospiti abbiamo realizzato delle bottigline di acqua personalizzate, bicchieri per popcorn e patatine, spiedini e fermatovaglioli

IMG_3187 Bicchieri popcorn – tema Minnie e Paperina

IMG_3170 Centrotavola per tutti, grandi e piccini

IMG_2438 tic-tac personalizzati – un piccolo ricordo per i più piccini

IMG_2441 Tavolo dei bambini

IMG_2442 Tavolo dei bambini

1239746_232073266975845_137310216_n Tavoli per gli adulti

IMG_2453 Festone personalizzato con il nome della festeggiata

IMG_2553 Sweet table

IMG_2612 Il fucsia e il viola protagonisti insieme a Minnie e Paperina

IMG_2546 Cartoncini personalizzati per la caramellata



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