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You may recognize these guys from bands like NOCTSCURE, REDRUMand VAASTU. They started as a session band called “BDMC” but turned it into the formal band “KILLANETH” on December 29th. They will hold their debut live at Ikebukuro EDGE on February 25th 2016. Let’s have a look at the members!

Vocal: kai (丐)

Previous bands: Anfang, VOID, NOCTSCURE

Vocal: kai (丐)

Guitar: Nihit

Previous bands: DOGMA, REDRUMas Hyuga

Guitar: Nihit

Bass: rushi (ルシ)

Previous bands: TRaiL

Bass: rushi (ルシ)

Drums. Saku (39)

Previous bands: VAASTU

Drums: 39 (saku)

Check out other band details below!

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Formed: December 29th 2015
February 25th 2016

 Vocal: kai (丐)  Guitar: Nihit  Bass: rushi (ルシ)  Drums: 39 (saku)
Vocal: kai (丐) Guitar: Nihit Bass: rushi (ルシ) Drums: saku (39)

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kai kai kai: A kai: May 12th
Nihit Nihit Nihit: B Nihit: May 26th
rushi rushi rushi: O rushi: Dec 4th
saku saku saku : AB saku : July 21st

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