They Call Him Luck



Something I made on my spare time… Anyone up for a simple romantic short story?


There I stood, amidst waves of expensive looking scents and echoes of fancy music, bombarding my five senses. Everyone was well dressed, tuxedos and delicately decorated dresses. Wine glasses in hand and extravagant conversations on every lip and ears. Diamond rings in most fingers, gold necklaces and silver pendants; everything glimmering under the light of the chandelier. The host was giving out intricate boxes filled with elaborately adorned sweets.

The stares of the people, as I walked in, were a heavy burden upon my self-esteem. Looking down at my sneakers, all the way to my black jeans pants and my sleeveless black shirt, nothing about me was elegant. I looked at my wrist watch, it was eight past seven, too early to be walking home.

“I can’t believe no one said anything!” I shouted…

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The Virtue of Bloody and Violent Tales

mi incuriosisce,

Medieval Otaku

For this post, my dear readers, I’ll let you into the workings of my scrupulous mind.  You see, for a long time now, I worried whether manga like Akame ga Kiru and Silencer actually carry a benefit to the reader.  In general, a fascination with blood and violence for their own sakes obviously manifests a disorder of the soul.  At the opposite extreme, squeamishness at the sight of blood and the refusal to countenance the existence of violence must also count as defects.  So, do Akame ga Kiru and Silencer fall in the mean between these two extremes?  And if they are in the mean, what is their particular virtue?


A couple of quotes I found recently appear to show the value of such works.  One derives from Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn’s Leftism: from de Sade and Marx to Hitler and Marcuse and the second from one of Chesterton’s Father Brown…

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“Kakusei” by ScReW (album digest)


visual ioner

ScReW will release their new mini album “Kakusei” on August 19th. Here you can listen to a sample of each song!
Please see more details about thew mini album here!

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Formed: 2006

Vocal: Byou (鋲)Guitar: Kazuki (和己)Guitar: Manabu (マナブ)Drums: Jin (ジン)
Byou (鋲)
Kazuki (和己)
Manabu (マナブ)
Jin (ジン)

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ByouByouByou: BByou: Feb 9th
KazukiKazukiKazuki: OKazuki: Aug 5th
ManabuManabuManabu: AManabu: June 23rd
JinJinJin: AJin: July 22nd

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